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Will she love me.


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I'm not going to tell you her full story so il make it shorter...but it all leads up to her being hurt after telling one of her ex's that she loved him....he screwed her over BIGTIME and then cheats on her. She then met another guy told him she loved him.....he cheats on her. Now shes with me, i told her i wasn't in the relationship for sex (which i'm not all i want is someone who cares and i told her that) it's been three months and still no...."I love you" sure there the "love you"...but thats different....i think shes afraid of being screwed over again.....but i'm loyal and i don't intentionally hurt people i feel guilty after every bad thing i do.....she knows all this....


Now, her mother is VERY close to her.....she knows everything about her....i oddly enough had a conversation with her mother and she said that she thinks that in a few weeks she will end up saying it.....but i'm wary on it......


my question is and i know i cant MAKE anyone love me.....but how can i help her feel secure again, so that she can believe me about loving her, and so she can love me.


more info can be given

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