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Is there anyone willing to ciritique my resume and cl?

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If so, please PM and I will either copy it there or email. I am going to a job fair on Monday and I am thinking that I am not wording it very good (although I do get responses) but I think there is more I can put on there that I am overlooking. To give you an idea: I dealt with tenants on a day to day basis, took complaints, repair requests, questions about the lease, billing, also corresponded with vendors. Didnt do too much accounts receivable, but some accounts payable where I would request the check from the accounting department and the vendor would either pick up the check, or we would send it in the mail. Also, curious if there is anything in my resume I should omit. I need to get a job very soon, my ue could get extended or not, but I need to do whatever it is i have to do to speed the process up! this is a big job fair.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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