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My husband and his late night escapades


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My husband and I are young, I am 20 and he is 21. He likes to claim that his best friend and he are going out for drinks, or that they got a work call late at night for someplace far away, or just that he likes to drive around. Well I know for a fact that many of these times his friend doesn't even know what the my husband is talkjing about. I know his because I ask him, I am not shy about it. me you at "Xyz bar" last night? him why? me cause your bff is a , no biggy. I don't know where my husband goes, or why he goes there, he is terminally depressed and hates that his responsibilities as a father and husband cost his whole paycheck most weeks. I know he chats with girls online, but I am not sure if he meets them (would assume yes cause of the going out at 1am B.S.) I just need to vent cause I am supposed to meet him for lunch in an hour and I am pissed.

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Just a slightly offtopic question - your age is listed as 20 in the post, but 23 under your avatar. Which is right?


So... are you going to leave him? Or see what he has to say for himself first?


I am truly 20. I posted 23 in my profile cause he is on this site from time to time and I didn't want it to obviously stick out as me. I am trying to determine what to do, he has a serious depression issue so I feel like leaving him would be very bad.. but I also feel trapped in the relationship by his mental issues, I am considering a trial seperation.


Wow not old enough to drink and already married. This is just a disaster waiting to happen. The kid didn't have a bachelor life and I guess since he now can go into clubs he just starting to live.

I don't mind if he goes out.. its when he sneaks out and lies. Hell, I would even give him money to go to a strip club with, I just want to know where he is going


you should probably talk to him, see what's up. clearly he's not acting like a responsible father or husband. ask him what is more important to him - clubbing or his family. he can decide.

He suprisingly has been getting a teeny bit better since I posted, but only because he thinks I am cheating on him and he says he doesnt want to loose me.


I'd tell you to hire a Private Investigator to find out what hubby is up to... but to be honest, once you get to the point you feel you need a PI to check up on your partner... I think it's already over.

I won't be hiring an investigator, I cannot afford that nor is it worth it, if he wants the relationship to work he will just start being honest with me, he already knows that people in my past were liars and there is nothing I hate more, in my opinion he has been forewarned if i left



Thanks all

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