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has anyone tried this?


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right now the job I'm at keeps getting worse, I'm forced to do most of the work at my job for the same pay and there are ways to lighten up the load but my manager will not do it. also literally everyone I talk to, even people who are getting their first job is making more than I am. oh, and I'm attending college full time and in my final year.


what I've been thinking about lately is quitting my job for now and searching for another one that will work with my class schedule, I have enough money saved up to last a couple months and I don't have any major bills to pay off. I think the only thing keeping from doing this is my grandmother, I still live at home and she's very old school and goes by the whole "the man of the house should always work" thing. she never gave my sisters any hassle about working in college, my oldest sister didn't have a job in college and my youngest sister still doesn't have one but the moment I say I don't like where my job is headed my grandmother snaps at me and tells me I can't NOT have a job.


I want to be able to focus on my grades my last year and my job is causing me a lot of extra stress. so I guess what I'm asking is does any one think this is a good idea or have any other advice?

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I'd look for another job, then quit your current one when you get an offer. Seriously, it can take more than just a couple of months these days to get a job, and being currently employed might look better than being out of work, even if you left voluntarily.


Don't take the chance, you could easily wind up spending a long time with no job if you jump before looking.

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What you CAN change is your attitude. If you step back and realize your boss is just doing HIS job, and is probably just as unhappy as you are, it may help you just coast a couple more months till you graduate.


Or, stop and think about the fact that in the grand scheme of things, of, say, 40-50 years of working, this crappy job will soon just be a vague memory, and not amount to much in your plans, can you just deal with it a little longer cos you know it's almost gone and you have a lot of great, interesting jobs ahead of you?

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thank you all for your advice, I guess I can hang on a until I can find another job. I try to stay positive at work but there's always something or someone there to piss me off. I'll try looking at the big picture and where I could end up working next year.

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