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How do I get over my ex with no support?

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I have little support outside of this forum either. It's my own fault. I neglected my friendships and put everything into the relationship once it became serious.


I've learnt a lesson for the future.


Me too. God, it gets lonely. I moved to a new place. I have one friend here. That is better than zero though!

See johnny, lots of lonely souls out there.

Animals are amazing.

If you live near a zoo or an aquarium, those places are always in need of volunteers.

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I too feel pretty lonely since i cut all ties with my friends for my ex....and now i'm left with nobody.


Yea.. i can relate to this. I have no friends.. nothing. Its so lonely. I watch movies all by myself and play with my puppy now an then. Thats my only little friend. I love him... He's somewhat of a support!

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Yea, we are here to help! anytime. AFter a breakup, i have learnt that u have to try and be selfish! COncentrate on you! and you ALONE! cut ur hair, smell nice, start exercising! and you will feel amazing. I red in a magazine once that u can also lift your mood by wearing bright colors... heheh.. i try and do that sometimes. LOL

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