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Dreams of being with her~


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I've known this girl for about five or so years now. We went to high school together and were always cool with each other. It wasn't until about two years back that we really started talking and found out that we both liked a lot of the same things. We started hanging out and became really good friends.


Last night I was at her 21st birthday party and she was really happy that I came out, telling me it meant a lot to her and what not. She spent most of the night with me (and her sister) and I was glad I went.


On my way back home all I could think about was her. From the moment I left the lounge to the moment I fell asleep.


I had one of the best dreams I've ever had last night, at it involved her.


I dreamt that we were walking through some rainy open-roof mall and that she was mad at me at first, but then I hugged her and she started to cry, telling me about how she's sick (she's sick in real life). I started to hug her more and more, and eventually we started kissing really passionately. We got to some sort of a hill, where I just lay down and she sat on top of me and we continued (passionately) kissing. Eventually, we got to "the next level" and it went on for a while, when I finally woke up. I woke up really happy and with her on my mind.


I've never dreamt about anyone in this context. Any idea what this might mean? I've always been interested in dreams and their meanings. Dreaming is one of the absolute best things in life, I think.


Anyways, I do apologize if this type of post isn't generally allowed here. I'm new. Just interested in finding out what this means, if anything.

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Well I'm no dream interpreter, but I'd say this means you're attracted to her. Very attracted, lol


You had her on your mind all night, so it's not surprising that you dreamt about her. It sounds like you're into her, so maybe you should pursue it?


Just my two cents!

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