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Can't Find myself lately... any advice?

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so since my ex left me... i've been having a hard time doing things i used to do and liked, most importantly i have "artist's block!". I am an art major, i have always loved art and it is honestly what i am best at, it seems that before the break up my art life was going so well, every art class i was always over achieving, people were always talking about my creativity and my art, i was even having some shows. then she left me and took that with her. i can't find inspiration to start a new painting, no ideas come to mind, im not even that interested anymore in art, it even scares me because my whole life was kinda based on that. everyone idetified me as the "artsy" friend.

my last two paintings i made, i used her as my model. i never finished them.

they are around 70% finished.


i've also lost interest in other things, but this is what im most concerned about.


im thinking it may just be because i haven't healed and i still don't have a clear mind?

maybe its a psychological thing? she was really into art and said she was my number one fan and always would be.


has anyone ever encounter this before?

what can i do to find my old me again?

i really liked my old life i don't want a new one.


any ideas on inspiration?

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...then she left me and took that with her.


No she didn't! You were arty before this relationship, right? Don't 'give' her that power in your life.


everyone idetified me as the "artsy" friend.

And so did you. This is about her going, yes, but it's probably also about you realising there is so much more to you than 'just' the art.


And this is a good thing.


You know that great art often comes from inner turmoil, right? Now you get to be GREAT!


It will all be fine, don't rush yourself. Whilever you feel you can't do the art, look at other aspects of yourself. Perhaps come at it from another angle. When I get writer's block I 'start in the middle' - what would the art equivalent be? Perhaps - I dunno - imagine a series of three paintings about where you're at, and start with the second one?


You will be fine, this is growth and it will nourish your art in the end, don't lose your nerve.

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No she didn't! You were arty before this relationship, right? Don't 'give' her that power in your life.


lol i know that.. i guess i meant that in another sense, not literatly!


its just really fustrating because before her thats who i was! i could spend days painting, i would even say no to parties just to paint, and wish i had more free time for finishing paintins, of course i wasn't just s******* out paintings there were times between works when i didn't paint.


but now i have so much free time and nothing to do with it =\


i got a commision to make a design which will later be used in some lamps or who knows what,

time is dying and nothing comes out of me.


im afraid to admit this but you know those two paintings of her?

they seem to be the only thing i think about painting =\

i already gave her my love,

i kinda hate the idea of wanting to finish her painting, i mean so much time and effort for someone who left me?

it would be like a slave thanking the master for being whipped


are you a writer?



do you know of any crazy poems? stories or people?

maybe i just need to explore, usually my inspiration came from ideas based on other things i learned.

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I encountered it too mate... you know my story too Maybe because of being sad thats why we are feeling this, seeing things in a negative way. Just like you, before the breakup and being with her, I feel Im the most lucky and happy person in the world but after the breakup, I feel I've lost my inspiration and the world seems full of sorrows. I want to become my old (but improved), happy-go-lucky, devil-may-care, come-what-may "ME"... And like you have said, what doesn't kill us will make us stronger... We can do this dude...




BTW, I realized dude that we can't let them (our exes) turn us into weaklings just because they left us...

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Take ten minutes a day to meditate. Focus on your image of a higher power... it could be anything at all from abstract to concrete... this will do wonders for generating fresh cerebral energy.... if you wish stay focussed on an image of light at the center of your head... allow your breath to make the light grow stronger... whatever thoughts, sensations, feelings, emotions, memories come up... notice them and let them go... go back to your point of concentration. After a few weeks you can increase the ten minutes to more if you like this.

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