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Don't know where to turn to after 5yr break up..plz help


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She did bring it up...a few times, she always said to me I'm never a part of her life and that I never even met some of her friends or only once or twice. She brought it up a couple times. I have no idea why I got so comfortable and didn't do any of this stuff and I get mad at myself because I felt like this could have been avoided.


I did the same. I regret it. We started to make some changes, but she seemed comfortable too with things. Again, if it got to the serious point where break up was the last and only option for her, it should have been mentioned more - in my opinion anyway.

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Dude, I'm going through exactly the same situation.


I could see that my ex was drifting away over time. I asked Sherman why she was pushing me away and she said she wasn't, actions speak louder than words and I knew I was losing her in her heart.


Sex dissapeared, affection dissapeared..... I know exactly what you are going through buddy. It's hard to stay focused.


I have my ex living with me at the minute so it's awkward, I try to get out as much as possible and try not to mention the break up, I started texting and calling but it's not the way it should go. It will only make her realise how much she needs to be away.

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I found out last night that she pretty much is Gay. I did not talk to her directly but lets just say I found out. She said we were never intimate because she just did not want to be and said she would say she is tired to just cover it up. But in reality she just never wanted to be. I don't understand how so long can be such a big act and coverup. She sounds like a completely different person I knew and acts so cold now. Said we were really just friends and she was never invested.


I have to get over this fast. I can't take anymore. Those comments I saw hit a complete low for me.

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