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History: I have a guy friend that is confusing. He always told me that maybe there be a future dating me (i dunno why bc we are friends). He says this all the while dating some other girl he doesn't tell me about even though i tell him about every guy I am with. When he stopped talking to me the second time I asked him if he was dating someone. He said no that it was simply we hurt each other too much. So I spend time reaching out and apologizing. About two months later he tells me he has been dating her since september and we simply dont mix so we cant be friends anymore (even though we be friends for 2 years). To be fair to him we had our fights. He left twice for six months. Now he's back. So he has been texting me telling me that he misses me and the time apart has been hard on him too and he wants to be friends again. He says he is still with the girl and a breakup is not the reason for contacting me. When I said he lead me on by saying there was a future for us and why would he say that if he wanted to be friends and he was falling for someone else he said " because im only 23 and i plan to date alot of people in my dating life" Anyways I texted back while i can forgive you for the future comment and not telling me about her I cannot forgive you for ignoring me for 6 months twice. This is not a secure friendship and i cant handle the friends, not friends thing anymore.


TODAY: Iget this text back that was rather nasty "first if you dont want to be friends than theres nothing i can do. Youve made your choice. Second be fair Ive apologized multiple times. You rarely acknowledged them. ive apologized enough at this point. Third if you so certain of no friendship then stop messesaging me. This will be the last msg at this point since you made it abundantly clear how you feel. I would appreciate that if you do have anything left to say than say it today or not at all. Thank you and take care"


I texted back that a true apology comes in form of a card, phone call or face to face not by text messages. He hasnt responded. Am I expecting too much??? What do I do to solve this.

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