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To any guy that has ever felt this way/been in this situation..


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Here's the hypothetical situation:


You meet a girl at a party and fool around the first night (not sex though) and there's something about the girl that makes you want to keep seeing her. You have her number and constantly text her wanting to see her and after waiting a week to do so you guys fool around some more and continue this for a month. Within this month you at one point really consider asking this girl out (but don't) but instead pay for her dinners and take her out to a movie. Then the girl actually starts to be more interested in you like you are into her.. but this makes you cautious. Then the girl (who is a virgin) decides to have sex with you. You then still text her all friendly and are fine with being friends with her but aren't interested in her in that way anymore. He never actually expected to have sex with the girl and to make it worse he didn't last long and was embarrassed at first.


I ask because I am the girl in this situation. I know, I know, I need to move on because he was a jerk but he was my first everything so it's easier said than done. He has never been a player type (only girlfriend type--I'm positive and he's not a virgin btw)


We haven't texted/contacted one another in 2.5 weeks now. Is there any chance he'll ever contact me?


I really don't think I was used.. I just think he was so caught off guard that we went through with it. I already said that he was fine and that I like him and that he didn't have to feel embarrassed. The last thing he texted me was "I was emabarrassed and that didn't help. Let break happen and then we can try to hang out. If you want to, but let's not get serious again. I'm not trying to play games

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im not sure if he will contact you because he is embarrsed so i think maybe you might have to make the first move


also he seems to only want to be freinds so if you do get in contact with him dont push just let it flow for a while a see if he changes his mind this will take alot of paticence on you behalf

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