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Please advice feeling really looowww


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So for the last 2 month I have been feeling really good and happy. Dating alot, finally enjoying being single.

I have an awesome job which is the envy of my friends promises a pay of 200k+ with in one year if I do well.


Then suddenly 2-3 days ago I just went down, down, down and down.

I pulled a muscle in my back cant work out. My boss ripped me a new one after coming in 10 min late for the first time.

I havent been on a date or hook up in 3 weeks.

I havent been interested, I mean really interested in anyone since my break up with long term GF

Im turning 29 years old and feel like Im loosing time, Im late, Im not where I wanted to be or should be. Im alone and single and depressed. I dont have the body I want.


Then to top it all off. I went to a party yesterday and a friend of mine told me that my ex just moved in with her new boyfriend who she met 2 weeks after our breakup and showcased him in front of me 3 weeks after we broke up at my camping trip.


Then he started laughing and said remember the camping trip where she brought him and you put your fist through your car window and cried.


That ruined the whole evening and he was kicked out of the party for being an ass.


Now I feel so low I dont know how to get up. Im alone, unloved, I wanna buy my own place but cant because the prices are falling and its a bad time.(I moved to my dad after the breakup to finish school) I keep meeting really cute girls that are just not good for me. Im working my ass off at work and trying real hard and dont know what more I can do. Im working out again and getting closer to the six pack


I dont know what else I can do, Im doing everything I can in every aspect of my life and feel like Im falling short everywhere.

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I know how you feel. Sometimes everything seems so negative. But like you said, you are doing everything you can do. So, you just need to look at things in a different light.


Do you take vitamins or any sort of supplements? I find that taking fish oil and vitamin b greatly improves my mood.

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That's good. The fish oil really, really helps me.


Have you ever heard of Tara Brach? She's a psychologist and Buddhist meditation expert. She has a audio series called Radical Self Acceptance or somesuch that's all about accepting who you are as you are now instead of being ashamed or constantly feeling like you aren't good enough. I have one of her discs. My counselor burned me a copy. It's way out there. Gives you a lot to think about.


I definitely know how you feel though. Just try to look at thinks differently. It's easier said than done, however.

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