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My main question here is how to let go of the past and I know its simple to just let go but... how?...


Everything that I've done wrong or the bad experiences I've had in life haunt me day in and day out. I can forgive, but I cant forget, all the times that I've been happy in my life are only vivid memories in my mind, they fail to overcome my negative thoughts but the sad part of it all is that my negative thoughts are all true.

It feels like I'm slowly loosing my sanity. My ability to accept reality is slowly fading along with my soul. I know this because I'm starting to understand the language of violence and how people can be subconsciously aware of the fact that they are killing another human being.

To have the ability to inflict death onto another person, to understand what it takes to kill another is something very very scary.

I'm loosing my mind and it feels great because my problems go out the window but so dose the value of my own life. Its the price you pay for peace of mind without the price tag of a psychologist or his solutions that you couldn't afford or buy anyway.


but if there's a chance, that I can save myself, I know it exist only within the possibility of the chance of me letting my past go.


I've tried my best, I really have but my time has come. Goodbye.

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Halfie, I hope that you will not truly give up.


I do not think that it is easy to let go of the past. I do know, though, that one key is to not dwell on the past. The more you think about the negative things that have happened, the more you are going to be mired in what took place before. It will only keep you having bad feelings, bad moods and a poor outlook.


I think that one key is to identify goals that are important to you. Is there anything that, if you achieved it, would be a step in the right direction for you? Perhaps you can start small and work toward this first goal...then another...then another.


Like so much good advice on this site, it can sound cliche or trite, but I think that it is true.

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