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detoxifying diet?? Any advice?

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Does anyone know of a good detox diet? I remember a couple years ago, my friend had a drink that he made (it was quite disgusting) I dont remember what was in it, but you were to drink it and it detoxified you system. I am feeling rather unhealthy lately, and having a lot of stomach problems, so i was just wondering if anyone knew of anything like that i could try. If anyone knows of this drink, or some drink, or plan..i would be so excited! I will take any advice! Thanks for your help!

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It was probabl;y that ridiculous maple syrup, lemon water and cayenne pepper diet.

Seriously. Detox? Just drink lemon water, or pure water, and eat healthy.

There's a detox for you. If you're looking to lose weight, then.... you better be preapred to make this a lifestyle. - eating healthy. Or else you'll just gain all the weight back.


There's really no secret.. just eat and drink natural foods. I can't understand why people make this so hard lol

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Careful, 'detox' has become a fad word to sell awful products.


Calcium aids digestion more than people realize, and you can pick up a good blend of pre- and probiotics almost anywhere now. Go for capsules, not tablets. Huge difference in absorption.


I also eat or drink lots of yogurt, which I realize sounds counter-intuitive if you've been reacting badly at all to dairy. Yogurt contains some of the digestive enzymes that help correct your system.


The 'friendly flora' in digestion is lost due to lots of things; aging, antibiotics, stress, overproduction of bile. Point is, if you can replenish these digestive enzymes through plant cells like acidophilus, your body will detoxify ITSELF.


Might also be good to see a doc to confirm this and ensure you don't have ulcers or some other causal condition.

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Detox in scientific term basically means lowering concentration of harmful substance in your blood serum. Or basically lowering 'toxicity' level of specific substances that people carelessly intake in their daily diet.


Some consider cleaning your GI tract as detoxification because your diet contains chemicals that will harm your GI tract.


What I would consider detox in a practical manner, is when I wake up feeling good and have good facial skin.


I would get that when I exercise, so I recommend exercise as your way to detoxify your body. And agent made a great point about drinking water and stop eating junk food.

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Couple things to try:


1) Drink plenty of water, at least 64 oz. per day if not more. The more sodium in your diet, the more water you will need to drink.


2) Get plenty of fiber in your diet.


3) Consider taking a probiotic supplement in capsule form. I've started taking one just to see what would happen and I have a more settled stomach than I usually did, and I don't even have any actual stomach problems.


4) You may be lactose intolerant or have a problem with wheat products. Do the above three for about a month. If your symptoms don't improve, try cutting all dairy or wheat out of your diet for a month and see if you feel better. If one doesn't work, try the other. If neither works, I would consult your doctor as to why you are experiencing continuing stomach problems.


5) Overall, try to shift your diet toward one high in vegetables, fruit, and lean meats (fish, chicken, turkey, and 96/4 or 93/7 beef). If you must use fats/oils, stick with coconut oil and butter for cooking, olive oil for dressings and low temperature cooking. Watch your condiments (Ranch dressing/Mayo is the worst offender!) and keep bread and pasta products to a minimum. If you can stand rye bread, use it instead of other kinds because it has a low glycemic index impact. Taking a good multivitamin never hurt anyone.

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I suggest a 4-5 days on the cabbage soup diet. No joke.


I do that when I want to detox and I love it. Make a tasty cabbage soup with lots of veggies and some broth. Drink tons of water with it and eat as much as you want. Add as much herb/spices you want to flavour. Just treat yourself right during the detox too.


I've done this for 4-5 days and it really makes me feel good.

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