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Ok why can't she even look at me?

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My and my ex of 6 months broke up about a month ago. Typical "I lost the spark" reason and the "It's not you, it's me". At first I broke up on a little angry note, then I came back and ended it on a good note. Both times she coldn't look me in the eyes. Before we broke up we went on a "break" and that was her way of trying to become friends since we were never friends before we started going out. I was dying on the inside but never her let her see any of it. The whole time I acted happy and myself. We go to the same school (we're seniors in HS btw) so it's impossible to totally avoid each other all of the time although I try when I can.


So when I ended things on a good note I pretty much told her that I shouldn't have gotten mad and the only reason that I did was because I cared. I told her I didn't hate her or disliked her and that i'd re-add her on facebook. I told her that it was prolly best for both of us and that I was kinda craving the single life to. I told her she had my number and could hit me up whenever. She seemed to be mad at me but I think she faked a smile and opened up for a hug but i just gave her a one armed hug and walked off. I did this so I wouldn't look bad in the eyes of her friends and other potential dates, since to them I looked like a jerk. I really had no intention of becoming friends since I was in so much pain. She has tried contacting me a couple of times and i've kinda blown her off both times. I know I sound like a jerk but I feel like I need to do what's best with me and talking to her doesn't do anything for me but cause potential pain for me. Once was over facebook. It was a late school night and she msgd me asking "What are doing up late". I was nice but I waited like 30 mins before I replied each time and it was only a 4 reply conversation lol. Then I ended it telling her we both had homework to do and that I we should go get it done but stayed online.


She also tried texting me once just asking me for a HW assignment. I replied to her to give it to her and then she texted asking for some details for it. It was nothing important so I didn't reply. She eventually send a "?" text to see why I dind't reply but I still didn't reply. She has also commented on a status and liked one on facebook but nothing big. It can be taken as completely friendly and that's how i'm taking it.


So that's what all contact has been like since the break-up, not much since i'm trying to be in as much NC as possible. But whenever I happen to see her in the hallways she can never look at me and keeps walking. I know she see's me but she pretends not to. For instance I was waiting in a car pool line talking to some friends and she comes walking by. I am fully prepared to wave and say hello but she just looks down at her phone and walks by, not looking at me once. I see her look back at me a couple of times but I eventaully leave. Another time i'm walking with this girl I know and I see her walking down. She doesn't look at me and is fully prepared to walk by me without saying anything. As she is passing by me I wave and say hello. She still doesn't look at me and just keeps walking by. I don't get it. She wanted to remain friends so why does he do this? I'm finally really starting to move on. I can look at her and it not hurt, and i'm fflirting with other girls. It really feels great So why do you guys think she's acting like this? Is it so hard to smile at me and say hey back? She does this with all her other friend why can't she do it with me?

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I have to agree with ForumGuy, you could have been a lot more respectful of her feelings in this. If you ignored her when she was trying to be friendly, it shows her that you don't care how things between you are going to lie in the future, or about her. Therefore it will be difficult for her to even acknowledge you, and will probably be a little angry.


You could maybe try a casual conversation via facebook and see how things lie, going straight face-to-face is probably difficult for her right now.

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Well I mean I never intended to be friends with her. She broke my heart and led me on and did many things she shouldn't have. I should be very angry at her and she knows it. She knows i'm hurt so that's why i'm not talking to her that much. While I may not be talking to her at least I can smile and wave to her when I see her. Why would she need me to talk to her? We broke up she shouldn't care so much, I think it's very dumb.

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