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Health Advice Please

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Ok, so I'm very unhealthy. I'm almost 17, 5' 11'', almost 300 lbs, but am very strong. I know I can still make a change for the better and that's why I'm here. I need help making good diet restrictions, exercise recommendations, and vitamin/mineral suggestions. I am always tired, and my lower back hurts. I don't eat too much junk food, and just stopped drinking soda. I work next to a specialty pharmacy that just opened and a farmers market. Anything will be helpful. Thanks

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Welcome to the forum Anthony,


I'm assuming you've been to the doctors and made sure there's no serious health concerns with your weight problem? If not that's where I would start first. You'll also want to discuss with the doctor if there will be any restrictions and suggestions on starting exercise and changing your eating habit.


If you're looking to lose weight, the fundamental theory of losing more fat is burning more than what you intake. There's no shortcut around it.


One thing you'll want to do is write down the food you eat during the day, every single meal and see if you can estimate how much calories you're eating. Now go to a site like: link removed and find your target calorie intake for the day. This is where you're going to have to write down each meal you consume preferably in five small (but healthy) meals throughout the day.


You'll want to slowly cut back on sodas and junk food if it's something you're consuming. No diet soda either. You can spurge once a week if you want to but for now, try to start cutting back and getting rid of such food and drinks. Replace them with healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables.


Drink plenty of water. Since you're 300 lbs, you'll want to increase your intake to about 150 oz a day. As you get more lean that intake will be less. It'll curve your hunger as well as help to flush out excess sodium under your skin, hydrate your muscles (70% water), better skin complexion, mental alertness and so on. It's absolutely critical, even if you don't drink 150 oz a day you'll want to consume enough to keep hydrated.


As for vitamins, buy quality multi-vitamins. Megafoods is a good brand, you'll probably be able to find online for less than $40 for a 90 count. Considering it's one a day tablet it's relatively cheap. Just stay away from popular brands like Centrum, GNC and most vitamins sold in regular grocery stores. They are the junk of multi-vitamins.


Farmers market is a good thing, food tastes much better when they are organic and fresh!


Start small, change your eating habit, and exercise slowly. The last thing you want to do is try to change overnight or within few weeks and get burnt out.


What kind of exercise or activities do you currently do? Walking would be a great way to start. Again consult your doctor before doing any exercise. Anything that will raise your heart rate, get your muscles moving and strengthen your heart will make you feel refreshed everyday. Switch it up, walk one day, bike the next and find activities that you'll enjoy.

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