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Really? I notice different cultures, different attitudes, habits, personalities, etc... when travelling. There's also value in seeing a famous [insert monument, place, or whatever here] as it may be a nice experience for many... The weather's different, the places to go, things to do... they're all different...


I live in Cali and every time I go to the East for vacation people are much nicer, the weather's nicer, the air is cleaner (lotta smog in Cali)... There's also things to do in other places that you don't have near your home. So ya... unless you've got the Taj Mahal, Pyramids, Disneyworld, Sea World, the Amazon and the Louvre all near your house, I'm pretty sure there's things out there you've yet to experience...

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Same * * * * different people. Am i missing something?


In one way, you've got it, and in anther you've totally missed it.


People are the same all over the world, we all have the same crap to deal with; families to feed, traffic to get stuck in, jobs we hate, politicians we want to string up.


But we express those similarities in different ways that can be wonderful to experience.


And the World is pretty nice just to look at too, disregarding the people.

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hell yea your missing something . you wont know what exactly until you get out there and find out for yourself . one piece of advice , if your young (teens or early 20's) start traveling NOW ! . i did when i was 18 when i had the chance before i settled down . was years before i got the chance to do it again . its the most awesome experience i ever had . met some great people in some wonderful countrys all over the world .

its not for everyone but i backpacked/hitch hiked all over when i traveled . you get to see so much more and have more time to take it all in . should hopefully be going on another trip soon and get goosebumps just thinking about it .

good luck if you decide to take off .

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I travel when I can, which isn't much right now but I've been to Egypt, New York and Florida most recently, and my favourite by far was Egypt. Western civilisation, whilst interesting and different places, does indeed start to feel like SSDD. However, going to a place where the culture is completely new? Very interesting!


I want to see more of Europe, mainly because of places like Italy, Germany and Prague, but I'd also very much like to visit far out places like Thailand, Japan, China and Africa. The way of life there is so different to how we live our lives - I think it'd be missing out NOT to experience some of that

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i've been all over the place, i love traveling. there are similarities and differences everywhere. cultural attitudes, lifestyle, food, sights, history, etc..... i've been through most of europe, us, canada, mexico, morocco, new zealand, south pacific, japan, i'm leaving a lot of stuff off!!!


i love the history at some of these places, like visiting the roman colluseum, or visiting natural wonders such as Milford Sound in New Zealand, going to the beach in the south pacific or just enjoying a nice stroll and pastries in france. i love to travel, so much fun!!! so much history to learn about and natural sights to see.

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I'm going backpacking at the end of the month around Europe and can't wait to experience the different cultures, see the sights and meet new people. I'm 25 now so I figured I shouldn't put it off any longer and go for it, hopefully I'll enjoy it enough to want to do some more travelling later this year or next year.

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