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what to do with contact from ex?

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Long story short, my ex and I were in relationship for a year, broke up due to distance but pretty much kept in touch for another year. But since last October, we both stopped talking to each other (it just happened naturally). FOr me, it was an attempt to move on because it was hurting me so badly, but I don't know his motives on cutting conversation. I just disappeared from his life by quitting facebook, erasing his number, screenname. But just last week(after 5 months of no contact), he sent me an IM, which I still don't know what he said because I just erased it without viewing it from panicking. I did end up imming him back saying hey but no response afterward.

I know this whole situation is stupid but the fact that he contacted me has been bothering me alot. I was looking forward to moving on but now I'm kind of hesitant with "what if's". And I'm a bit regretful about not reading what he said, even though he probably just said "hey, how are you doing" out of blues with no intentions. But just wanted to ask ENA, do you think it's a bad idea for me to just randomly IM him too and ask how he's doing? I just need a strong reminder that silence and NC is the best way to go regardless

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Will you be hurt if you send an IM and he doesn't respond? Will you be hurt if he responds but in a curt and cold manner? Will you be analyzing every word of these "how are you?" chats? If the answer to any of these is yes, continue NC. Don't give your ex an opportunity to hurt you again or make you crazy. You deserve better than that.

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