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Required buffer zone near ladies' room?


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Unfortunately, I don't see this girl at work too often and I really do want to make conversation with her. But when I do see her, it's usually around the area of the restrooms. Is it taboo to talk to a woman if she is on her way to the bathroom? Or is it okay as long as she is still out in the hallway and not actually at the door yet? How much "buffer zone" is there? Thanks.

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I wouldn't, purely because you don't know what she's going in there to do.


She might have just got out a meeting and be bursting to go... the last thing she'll be in the mood for will be making conversation while her bladder slowly expands.


Or there could be other.... situations.... which people generally won't appreciate being delayed in their journey towards doing.


A far better plan would be to watch for when she goes in, then corner her on the way out.

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Catching her on the way out sounds awful, especially if she knows I saw her go in!


Then don't look at her as she goes in. Find a reason to talk to her. What are her interests? Say your friend showed you something (that's in her interest of course) and that you thought she'd like to see it too because you remember talking to her about it.

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