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How exactly is "keep to myself"?


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One day I was talking to a friend about why I dont get many approaches as he though I'd get.He said that I "keep to myself".I think, I do everything every normal ppl do. So what exactly is "keep to myself" ?

He is the kinda guy that will get to know everyone in his class or a huge sports club.Yet he said he is still "shy".To me I dont chat with classmates (in university) unless necessary(like we have a discussion),since we dont know each other.But I always think it's normal cuz usually no one comes up and say"Hi what's ur name" etc.

Therefore I dont make friends everyday.And when Im meeting a friend's friend,also it's not like after 10 sec we will become "BFF" and talk nonstop,not that easy for me.And I sense they are not that keen to be my friend either.But I also think it;s normal? Cuz they dont lack friends anyway..So maybe after two or three times hanging out we become closer or we never bond at all.Everything is spontaneous.

So I don't know.He said he had no problem making friends.Do I have a problem? Am I actually wrong about the things I think are normal?Am I too cold? Or ppl are cold to me?

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