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Need help.. trying to prepare for what may happen tomorrow...

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This is going to be a huge one.. but i'm trying to figure out how I'm going to approach this situation if it does end up happening...


I'll try to give you an idea of what exactly has gone on in the shortest way possible.


Let's go back to the beginning, I have two sisters, one of which is 16, and one who is turning 18 tomorrow. My parents began there divorce about 2 and a half years ago.. and at the beginning my mom had both my sisters, and my dad lived where ever he lived by himself. My sister who's turning 18 tomorrow met a guy when she was 16 who was 21 and lived in Georgia. The talked for quite sometime when my mom allowed him to come out to actually meet her, my mom met him and at first things were ok with him coming.


Eventually the real him kind of showed through and we all got a weird vibe, as he was a lot older and whatever. My mom decided that she didn't want my sister to have anything to do with this guy. I lived on my own, and one day my sister called telling me she was going to move in with our dad, because my mom was making her life "hell" in other words, she wasn't able to have this guy around and she was pissed. I told her sure, go live with dad. Figuring he wouldn't allow this guy to be with her..


Well I befriended him between this all, and he was still living in the area unbeknownst to my mother. Eventually my dad met him and he decided he actually liked him.. he convinced him to move to the coast where my dad and sister were living. Ok flashforwarding now.. my dad ended up letting my sister at 17 and this guy at 22 move to where I was living 2 hours away from the coast.


I moved in with them, in order to be able to try to protect her.. I had my own place before this, but thought I needed to try to protect my little sister since my dad just let her do whatever so he wouldn't have to be financially responsible for her. We paid all the utilities which ended up costing around $600 a month. We paid $600 for our bills at our old place. Since we were paying that much we figured we would have some say, eventually they started smoking inside, both him and my sister. I am asthmatic and cannot handle ciggerette smoke and after I asked them to please stop two or three times I eventually couldn't handle it anymore.


We decided since they could disrespect us like that and we were paying for the internet we could take the internet box. This sent my sister and her guy into a frenzy. Somehow they thought I was going to tell my mom about what was occurring with them and they told me they were moving immediately. My sister supposidly went to live with my "dad" and her boyfriend back to where he came from.


Tomorrow is my sisters 18th birthday, and I have a feeling she is going to tell my mom just what she was doing while she was out of her custody. If this happens my mom and moms family and other sister will probably disown me. I am freaking out because I don't know what to do, and how I should cover my ass. I made a huge mistake trying to protect my sister when she was doing something that was obviously wrong. How can I fix this? PLEASE HELP.

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Speak to your family openly and tell them all you wanted was to protect your sister and have someone "older" than her be around, just in case. You were being a good sister that's all you were trying to do from what you wrote. They shouldn't be angry at you for that. They are her parents and it is their responsibility to "look" after her until the age of 18, they didn't. Doesn't matter which parents is at fault, you dd your best with the situation at hand.

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They were her parents her guardians and they couldn't stop her from seeing this person, how could they possibly expect you too? Explain it just as you have explained it here: that you would have preferred that she not date this man but once she had made it clear she was going to be with him, you felt it best to be there to keep an eye on her.


If they still give you a hard time ask them if they really would have preferred your sister be off on her own, cut off from her family and dealing with this guy.

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I know.. believe it or not she is turning 18 tomorrow, and on Saturday her and my father whom she supposidly is living with ( I don't really know what she is actually doing since we don't speak anymore) are going to get a tattoo that says "Karma" then on Monday she is flying to Florida where she will move in with that guy...


I guess I can only say the truth and just make it clear that my father left her high and dry and just let her do whatever, and that he is to partially blame because he had her custody and he should have been taking care of her. It wasn't my job to try to watch over her, and it ended badly. We don't talk at all anymore, she hates me, because I ruined her plan or whatever so I figure to get back at me she will tell my mom (She doesn't really speak to her, since she wouldn't let her get her way) but she probably will tell her to get back at her like haha u wouldn't let me be with him, but dad did, and Erica knew and she didn't tell you...


I probably wont be able to sleep.. I think it would be stupid of her to say anything because she's making our dad look like a fool ( which we already know he is) but still, she would make him look like a dead-beat even more than he already is..


:S I dunno! I hope that it ends well.. I'll let you guys know.

Thanks for the input. and keep it coming if you haven't posted yet.

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