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My little baby is already 20 Months!!!!

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Time sure is flying!


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So Mialee had her first VERBAL battle with another child the other day. We went to a friend's baby shower and there was a 3 year old boy there. Mialee was standing near a large toy box containing a Chuggington "Choo Choo".


This 3 year old walks up to Mialee and says; "Ah wunt you to open eet!" (or something like this)


Mialee gets a nasty look on her face and responds; " Ahdoont wunna oopneet!"


The boy retorts "Open eet!"


and Mialee responds with a nastier look; "AHDOONT WUNNA OOPNEET!"


and so it went back and forth about 7-10 times. It was hilarious, as was her expression. It was so DEFIANT! On top of that, I never knew she could string together a concept like that with her words! It was totally surprising!

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