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boosting self confidence


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Self acceptance. Improve your inner self on a daily basis. Get in shape. Learn to love yourself but also others. Accept that you're not perfect and no one else is. Improve on getting rid of your insecurities by taking small steps each day. Surround yourself with positive environment, people, and avoid the negatives.

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Well this is a really broad question......There are many ways to do this and many different types of confidence you can have....For example you can be a confident baseball player but be really insecure with sexual relations.

Im guessing you mean overall, which would include all areas of your life.


break down your life into sections, work on each.

So basically look at the main aspects of you and your life.....break it down....FOr me i would relationships, sex, work, passions, and maybe a few others. Look at each and decide where you stand in your confidence level. Where there is work to be done...look at how you may build your confidence in these areas. For example...work......easy one.....So if i feel unconfident at the workplace what can i do. FOr me...dress nicer.....As in buy some new suits and look more impressive....this is an immediate easy confidence booster...for me that it. But thats pretty simple and wont last forever, the deeper confidence and more concrete things take more work, like getting over a social fear, you have to work on this everyday or alot, repeatly like practice....so going to talk to people you are nervous around....you will gain confidence. Its all about practice.......preparation makes confident people.





Only you know what your standards are or what you want, self confidence is personal. Basically you have your own standards, views, and outlook on the world that is personal to you....therefore your definition of what a confident person does or looks like is personal to you. SO u just need to be true to yourself and what you think about it....Example there is probably and artist down the street who is very confident but doesnt need to dress well, he can walk around in a pair of jeans and tshirt and command a rooom.....but not me i need to look nice...to my standard...to feel confident.


I think our subconscious is smarter than we are and knows when we are falling under our own standards. Its like if i steal but dont feel bad about it....it still matters because on a deep level i know i am not a bad person so when i steal i am belittling myself.


Hope this helps and insnt to heady

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do something on the inside and the outside.


outside... lose/gain a few lbs (whatever youd fancy), get a new outfit, new hairstyle, work out. its all superficial but it feels good.


inside... try something youve never done but always wanted to, be a better person, help others or volunteer

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I disagree with the posts that say you have to change yourself to become more confident. I struggled with self-esteem issues for the majority of my life and only became confident after I stopped trying to "better" myself and instead accept and love who I am.


For example, I am an introverted individual. I've always felt this was something I had to "fix" about myself, and constantly tried to be more outgoing and extroverted. It was only until after I accepted that fact that there is nothing wrong with being introverted and realized that there are many benefits to the way I am (I'm able to pick up on non-verbal social cues that most people miss out on, since in most social situations I'm more of an "observer" than a "participator") that I became more confident with who I am.


Changing your outward appearance, such as getting a haircut, buying new clothes, losing weight, etc. may give a temporary boost to confidence, but I believe true self-esteem comes from within, no matter what you look like.


Then again, I'm no counselor or expert or anything of the sort, so I may be completely wrong. I'm just going by my own experience


(One quick tip that I have, however, is to always smile. If you're always smiling, people will smile back - and it feels good to have everyone smiling at you!)

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it depends on the individual and you have to try out different things that work for you. for me, it is literally the act of trying out different things and pushing myself to the limit and testing out these limits. i enjoy working hard.. it gives me pride and therefore, confidence.


accept yourself and know why you are the way you are and why it is working for you (or why it's not). take pride in your introverted personality because it gives you the ability to be more insightful or whatever. be more self-aware, not self conscious.

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Hi guys, what is the best way to boost one's self confidence? I believe I am lacking in this department.

Try dropping the belief that you are lacking...


One experiences what one believes, and if one doesn't believe this... well... this just shows that one does - a negative belief, or not-believing, still being a belief.


I disagree with the posts that say you have to change yourself to become more confident.


Yes. You are fine the way you are - before you 'start' believing things about yourself.

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