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My Situation atm (Breakup)


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Hi Everyone,


New to this forum and I think this is a great forum and will help alot of people deal with there relationships.


I have just split with my girlfriend, I met someone when I was 18 years old and was with her for a couple of years, she cheated and just treated me like dirt, she was my first love so was a hard one to get over.


Then about a year later I find this amazing, beautiful women. The first 6 months i could believe my luck, she was takign to concerts, theatres and was all over me. I loved it so much. I really couldnt understand how she was single. When I first got with her I wasnt mad over her but thought she was amazing. I eventually fell for her and then once I did that she stopped being the girl i fell in love with, she wasnt all over me or didnt seem to want to love and affection like she used to. Well 6 months down the line we broke up, I was heart broken, then we got back together and we split again at the beggining of the week. Not really heart broken after the second time cause I think the first time was the killer.


I think this is a harder situation then someone who has been cheated on, At least you have the blame game to play, My x did nothing wrong, Ok she never wanted sex or wasnt affectionate like she used to be like but she didnt cheat. (well I dont think she didnt). I would like a girls point of view and just any one else who has been treated the same.


Its hard for me because she is so much more then my first love who gave me nothing, My recent X is amazing and treated me so well and I really dont think I will find another girlfriend with such a great family and someone who treats me so well.

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I'm sorry you're hurting. Maybe those girls just aren't right for you. Seems that your current ex had different expectations from you regarding your relationship. You just didn't gel. Did you talk to each other about what you want from a relationship? It's important to communicate well and make sure your significant other understands your needs, and you, theirs. For example, my bf likes to hug me to sleep, but I get really warm with his arms around me and don't really get much sleep. But he said that it matters a lot to him, so I told him it's OK if he hugs me from behind, so I don't feel too hot. If he didn't tell me that it matters so much to him, I would prefer that I sleep on my side and he sleeps on his.


Anyway, I still think you haven't met the right girl yet. I really didn't think that I would find someone else when my ex broke up with me, but yet I did, and am so better off. I'm sure it will be just the same for you. Time is all it takes.

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Welcome to the forum


I have to say are you giving yourself more credit? I'm sure there's a good reason why the last girl dated you even if it didn't work out in the end. There will always be that girl that will blow everyone else out of the water that will make you happy. I'm sorry to hear about your situation but stay strong, sooner or later you'll meet the right person.

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Update: Ok after breaking up with my X, its now been about a month. I was round my mates at the weekend and he was on Facebook, He has my X added as a friend, she has updated her status to in a relationship with .......,


My heart dropped, I am glad I saw this because now it been set in my head there is no more me and her, although there wasnt anyway this just puts the nail in the coffin.


The thing is, the boy that she is with, I had great suspicion that something was going on with them. They work together, I dont know if anyone else gets this feeling but when something strange is going on, I get this weird feeling, I have had it in the past and it ended up that what i thought it was true. Well after a month of us breaking up, she gets with this Mike, I have suspect that she was cheating on me before hand as before we broke up she was off with me she wouldnt give me the kind of attention should did when we first met. She just took a step back.


tbh I was only with her for a year and we did have an amazing first 6 months but after that it wasnt good, this is because she took a giant step back and wasnt the girl I met and the beggining. Do I ask her to tell me if she cheated, or just walk and away and dont speak to her?

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HI Everyone,


Been a while since I posted on this forum.


Firstly I want to say how good this forum has been for me during my break up, I didnt have anyone to speak as no one would really understand.


Whilst at work I was looking for people to talk to, once posted responces were quick and helped me out an awful lot.


I would recommend this forum to anyone that has just split with someone.


Any way, I have now met someone else since the breakup, I still think about my x from time to time but I understand that this is normal. She was a big part in my life and I learnt alot from that relationship. I haev been dating my current gf for around 8 months now, we have had a holiday together and enjoyed some really nice memories.


To all those that are just going through a breakup, although you dont think it at the moment you will always find someone else, things happen for a reason. I never listened to anyone that told me this months ago but time is a healer and after a while you start to feel better, you been 2 years since I broke up with me x and now things are looking up. you have to be strong and it dosent help if you try and wipe all memories out of your head. hurting is part of the break up process, you need to stay strong through that, once your passed that it becomes easier.


I can promise to anyone that the first month of any break up is the hardest, after that you will start to feel better, confidence is a big part of any person. I lost all confidence but no this is back I feel better within myself.


I know when you break up with someone you really care about you think your lifes over and you will never find anyone better, this will change in time. When you first break up you only feel the good things, after time you start to notice the bad and realise she wasnt that great. This dosent always happen but you will start to forget her after time and then realise you have. This is the first stages of getting over someone. If you love someone you will never forget her but its a nice feeling once you love someone else, you remember good things about the X.


Take care and if there is any one that is currently going through a break up, just post and I will help youout.

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