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feeling down


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Feeling really lonely and depressed at the moment.


I feel like a loser. I feel like my parents put me down. I feel like they blame me when it's not even my fault and they've been doing this since I was a child.


I feel jealous of my friends. I think I have something to be jealous about for every friend I have. I hate comparing myself to others. Maybe Im like this because my parents have forever been comparing me and my siblings to their friends kids.


I dislike my job. I mean its easy but I get so bored and it feels tedious.


I feel like I cant talk to my bf about my problems. I know he's always there to listen to me but I just cant seem to talk to him. I want to but I always end up crying and not able to tell him anything.


I feel like going to sleep and never waking up.

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I feel exactly the same as you right now so know its hard

I moved away from my parents last year, and im not sure how old you are but as you get older? you will realise more you are your own person and it doesnt matter if they put you down because you will have your own life and you will as you get happier rise above them and prove them wrong.


I am in a horrible job at the moment but looking else where for interviews before i leave, i know its so depressing when i dont even hear back from companys but there still is a bit of excitment in trying, maybe you should start to look else where too.


Same with my bf too, i just start crying and let him talk and then nothing i want to say comes out, but he is your bf and he is there for you if you need him for support, so dont be afraid to tell him how you feel if he loves you he will accept it.


This afternoon after a long rant on here about previous self harm i am trying to take some relax time to myself just curled up on sofa under duvet. You will go to sleep tonight and you will wake up tomorrow because its a new day with different moods and oppertuntites, you are ment too.

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