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Am I just a friend?


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So, there's this girl that I've had on my mind for several months now. We worked together for a few months, and that's where we met. However, she recently got a new job. We've gone out on several occasions, but never on an official date or anything, just as friends. I see her about once a week or every other week, but we've been in contact via e-mail or texting pretty much everyday. Although, it always seems to be me initiating the contact. I took her out to dinner and a movie about a week and a half ago. I was working late a couple of nights ago, and I was texting her during my shift during which she told me that I should leave on time for once because I've been putting in crazy hours. At 2 am, on the nose, when I was scheduled to get done, she sends me a text telling me to get out of work. I told her that I was hungry and was going out to a local diner, and that she was welcome if she wanted to come. So, she decided to come and met me at the diner at 2:30 am in torrential rain. I really like her and would like to ask her out officially, but don't want to ruin our friendship. If she's going out to get something to eat with me at that time at night in awful weather, am I more than just friend material? I just don't know where I stand.

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easier said than done thought.

If I were you, just do a bit of flirting, see how she responds, drop hints that youre interested, maybe speak to a mutual friend of yours see if they let slip.


I dont want to build your hopes up but it sounds shes interested, getting out at that time of the morning in torrential rain just to see you and spend time with you? Put the shoe on the other foot,would you do that to someone you werent interested in?


Show your interest asap before she thinks you want nothing and starts seeing you as just a friend.


Good luck

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Finding out if you two are attracted to one another wont ruin a thing. All you want to know if there is an attraction there. And its pretty ovious there is. So once you find out, the choice is going to be yours. If you dont go for it, some other guy will make her happy and chances are even tho you two are friends, you wont be that close anymore cause she will devote her time to a new guy. So you will be out in the cold. Why not see if she is attracted to you, and then move slowly from there.

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Don't ask her out, that will definetely ruin anything you have with her...romantic or not.


LISTEN...logic DOES NOT prevail when you want a girl. You have to flirt with her...tease her...see how she responds. This builds ATTRACTION. When you feel the chemistry going right...i.e. ; laughing at your jokes, comfortable around you, accepting your advances (touching etc)...then suggest a day to hang out, but do not ASK HER in "hey, would you like to go out with me?" that screams BORING and that you really like her right away.


A girl doesn't need you to tell her, you really like her for her to know. She wants to enjoy your company, not have you kiss her a55.

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