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Am I making too big of a deal about sex?


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That's why you work on stuff like that once you're married. He can learn and vice versa. I only want to learn with him, though. You're not going to break me. I will fight you to the death on this.


Want an example of some incompatibility you might run into?


This isn't even all that out there. It's not about learning. Sometimes you just prefer and want and need different things and you're not compatible and it breaks the relationship in half.

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Excuse me? Who are you to judge that? They've been together 25 years and I don't see them ever splitting up.


Whether or not they split up has no bearing on their sexual life. You said their sexual life was nonexistent. That is the epitome of an unhealthy sex life because it's totally dead!

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that's not sexual incompatibility, that's a messed up individual.


Not the same thing I'm talking about.


"I figured all the other great qualities about him could out way my feelings toward this fetish, so I tried to suck it up. He also thought he could just not do it as much and not do it while I was around. A couple months after revealing his secret he proposed marriage. He had been persistent in his interest in me and was an otherwise great guy, so I said yes. We then ended up getting married pretty quickly. By the time we got married we knew each other one year.


Throughout the marriage I have found myself feeling quite resentful about his fetish. Since he knows how I feel about it, he doesn’t do it in front of me, but will wait until I leave the house or when he’s on a trip. So it ends up seeming like he can’t wait to be alone, because as soon as he is he breaks out the diapers."


His sexual need to use diapers to get off caused their marriage of 5 years to come to this. She thought love would conquer all, and yet it was defeated by Huggies and Pampers.


That is EXACTLY what we're talking about. That is sexual incompatibility and what it can do to a relationship!

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Way to get the poor guy's thread closed guys. Dreamergirl I suggest you make your own thread!


Yeah...had to bail pretty early seeing what was going on in LBS's thread.


Poeple rub Buddah's round belly and head for good luck, what sort of luck would you get if you could rub his butt?

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Oh boy Why haven't I put my .02 here yet?


I'm not going to play the role of the referee but I will answer the question best to my knowledge and that is no your not making to big of a deal about sex.


I think that all virgins wonder if they do at somepoint and the older they get the more worried they become. Its very natural to feel this way in my opinion. No man wants to remain a virgin until he's like 30 years old, any woman will have to give him the once over look and be like whats wrong with him? Why hasn't he had sex yet?.


As long as your not allowing it to define you and your overall personalitly. if it does then I could see why you would.

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