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cant do it anymore


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I cant take it anymore, life doesnt seem worth it anymore! My wedding is off, im not with my love anymore. I dated around, he was 16 almost 17 and im 18. i cant stand his immaturity!


I was with my 1st ex for 3yrs, he lost his job and we began to fight CONSTANTLY so we split. Still live in the same house and raise our 8month old together. we get alone better now. I dated this other "kid" for like 1 month and he gets on my last effing nerve!


he cries when i cant stay over night, i have seperation issues where i cant leave me ex of 3 yrs. ive had this problem since my dad killed himself. So me and this new guy dated pretty strong, weve liked eachother forever! now i cant stand him!


We've done "stuff" my ex cant know about so im stressed to no end. Because hes the type to get pissed and run his mouth. UGH i cant do it anymore! im sick and tired of this life. i want to leave forever. or want him to leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP

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Wow! So from your post I'm getting that your only 18 and having these type of feelings and problems. You are way too young to be having these type of issues! I'm not trying to put you down or belittle you but I think you need to slow way down in your life. You've been traveling at a thousand miles an hour since you were barely a teenager and now you are starting to run out of fuel and crash. But now is the time to slow things way down and forget relationships and men for a good while, and just focus on being a mom to your child who needs you more than anybody. Also please seek the help of a licensed metal health professional, with everything you have been through you have alot of issues and unresolved emotions to work out and you don't have to do it alone. And through all of this remember that your child is what needs to come first, and compared to that relationships are nowhere close to as important. Also remember that the times when we feel like we've hit rock bottom are the times that our lives start to turn around and change for the better.

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thanks, my life never stops. If its not 1 thing its another, i never seem to catch a break. Its my senior year of highschool and i have less than 40 days till its 100% REAL WORLD! My daugher means the WORLD to me, so does her father the ex of 3 years. I love him so much its just i think we've spent more than enought time together in the past 3 weeks since he lost his job. He goes back to work tomorrow.


I literally feel like ive hit rock bottom and i cant get back up.

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