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career as an escort?

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Fascinating thread!

A wealthy friend of mine used to 'date' an escort. They didn't have sex for a long time, but they eventually did. He wound up proposing to her! That's how good she was at her job, he actualy believed that she loved him...sigh...he never heard from her again.


Don't do it. Think about your future and what you may have to tell a future husband. This isn't a secret that you'll want to take to your grave.

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I hate to tell you this, but most escort services are where men have the expectation you will have sex.


There are so many other jobs you can do, why get into a controversial one. I also hate to tell you but at 31 you are on the wrong side of 30 to be doing this kind of work. Men who want escorts want women in their 20s. If they're going to pay for arm candy, they want very fresh arm candy.

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Is there anyone on this forum who has worked as an escort or done their research to work as an escort? Is it only for women of certain type of personalities? I'm a sweet, shy, nice gal. Don't have much experience with men, but I'm interested in finding out more about escort and see if I can become one. Not interested in providing sexual favors. People tell me that I'm attractive, but I don't look like a model. I look more like a cute gurl.


Hi sweetpie, you seem like a sweet, innocent, nice girl. I don't think it is something you should do b/c you might feel dirty or guilty later. You need experience with men to do this. It also might take a certain, almost psychopathic personality/attitude to do this to not feel guilty and sacrifice your integrity.


I have never been an escort, but when I was 19-21 I developed a severe gambling addiction, to the point where every paycheque from my part-time job went to the casino. I needed money, so I turned to a venue where I became quite good at - leading guys on and making them whipped over me. I would date guys I had no interest in and milk them for all their worth. We're talking being gifted with material things and significant amounts of money which I would then gamble with. No sex - I would've moved on to the next before then. Some of these poor guys were even my friends, who confessed to have fallen in love with me (needless to say we are no longer friends). 2 proposals.


I don't do any of that now, but I have this guilt inside me. At the time I thought I was doing what I needed to do, but I can't think about that period of my past now without feeling guilt and regret.


Also would like to add, in the escort business one thing leads to another. I don't have any experience w/the escort business, but I would think it wise to have realistic expectations. One thing leads to another...even if you're not doing sexual favours in the beginning you'll be doing it later. If you are not doing sexual favours then you are looking at being a tease, and again you need experience to do that successfully.


I don't think it is a road you should go down.






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Almost no one makes a living as an escort that isn't sexual. Men don't pay women to have nice conversations with them.


Maybe not, but I would pay for someone who could act if a situation required it. If the acting is done well and the target is convinced there will be just as much money in it as anything else.


Only did it once, wanted to celebrate a deal we had just made. I ordered two of them at the same time, just wanted to feel extra king when I entered the club with a hot girl on each arm. Price was at $5k + plane tickets for both. Didn't sleep with any of them but I got the prettiest girl in the club.

I would never pay for sex directly but I can instruct an escort much better than any wingwoman

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