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I've known him for almost 2 years now. I guess you could say we're friends...sort of. We text on a daily basis even though we don't hang out that often. We've been out a handful of times. But mostly just text everyday and chat on the phone every now and then. We seem to get along well and have many things in common. But he almost never asks me out. He seems happy with just the texting and occasional phone call. So yesterday, I had a ball at my college which I invited him to. We hung out there, went back to his place, watched tv for a few before i went home.


I'm just confused because he seems like he likes me. But he's on the shy side. When we went out yesterday he kept saying that we should go out more often, he asked if i had plans for this weekend, i said no so he suggested we go to the museum, I agreed. We didn't pick out an exact date or time, but just this weekend.


The next day, he texted me and we talked but he didn't bring up going out. Is he going to stick to that plan or was that just spur of the moment talk?

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From my experience and in my opinion it is hard to find a guy who would act like a close friend unless he has a romantic interest in you. More so than the other way around, I have guy friends with absolutely no romantic interest although it seems that most of my "guy friends" are looking for something more. Not to say that friendly guys don't exist, I just think it isn't so common.


You guys have known each other a long time, so that could make a difference. I think the test of your relationship will be to start going out together more and to see if you feel a mutual spark. Be more proactive in taking him up his offer to go out. Set a time and see what happens!

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