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And then.....


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So........my friend was talking to the guy I was dating, told him I was seeing someone else:


This was the reply:


wooo hooo!!!I do not care!!! if i wanted to be with bell i'd be with her, im happy for her she's a cool chik but not the girl for me, to many psycho friends like you put me off. ... you are a loser get a life!


It hurt.......bad.


Although on the sunny side I'm thinking if he never cared he would have never answered in the first place.


What are your thoughts?

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Which particular part "hurt bad"? I really don't see anything offensive to you in there, and he said he's happy for you and that you're cool.


Why would the subject of who you're dating come up unless your friend was fishing for a reaction? Your friend sounds like she is indeed, a loser who needs to get a life.

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but it sounds like he wouldn't tell your friend 'the truth.' or whatever. he clearly doesn't respect her, he basically told her to get out of his business. if someone told me my ex was dating someone new, i would say the diplomatic thing as well "I hope things go well for him, i am happy for xxxxx." i mean, that's just what you say, even if you don't mean it. i guess he could say, 'i love her so much' but then he would sound like kind of a loser. afterall, you've moved on. or at least your friend told him you moved on.

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