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Mind playing tricks on me!


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Ok, so I am at the 60th day since breakup, I was cheated on, found out about it and dumped my ex fiancee. the issue I am dealing with now is that I became so disgusted by anything that has to do with cheating, I was just watching a movie last time and there was a girl cheating on her BF...I was ready to stop watching the movie because of it. when I go out I look at a girl and I have these thoughts of cheating....the first thing i ask if she has a BF or fiance....etc...I was not like that before...this break up has affected me in so many ways, I feel like I have been traumatized by it...Now I wonder if these thoughts are ever going to stop, I dont want to be paranoid anymore, I dated girls in the past 2 months but I end it usually after a week because im just afraid to go through the same thing again...does anyone have the same thoughts?

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Trust is what is getting to you as it has with me. After 20 years together it ended with her cheating.

I understand everything you wrote and yes it does get easier. I never liked cheating movies but now it hits home even more.


I want to trust again completely but I will have to put myself out there again.



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You shouldnt expect so much of people when you first meet them, the first few weeks if not month are about getting to know each other deciding that you like each other and as the relationship develops you become more commited to each other.


Not everyone cheats there are some nice people out there, Im still a vergin and its starting to become quite frustrating but that didnt stop me saying no to somone who was already in a relationship no matter how bad a condtion the relationship was in.


My point is give people the oppertunity to prove they are nice people let your relationship grow and if your understanding and give them their space dont go reading all their text messeges itll turn out fine.

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Lostandhurt. I agree my friend, I lost trust overall and it bothers me, I had a sort of innocense before and i believed in a serious faithful relationship. now im just afraid of going through the same thing all over...I hate the feeling of being defensive.

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Snoop, I've been in your shoes. I was cheated on, then the very next guy I dated, I pushed him away from my distrust and insecurities.


Luckily, the man after him was so loving and patient with me, that I eventually grew to trust and love someone again. I think it takes a kind and loving individual to warm your frigid heart up again. But believe me, I was in the same boat as you, even now watching or hearing about infidelities (example, Tiger Woods) makes me bitter and riled up.

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