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Need my daughter with me!


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I thought I was going to move from here Yorktown Va to Gulfport Miss.

and all wud b well-BUT some red flags have been popping up and I have chosen to ignore them..not anymore-something tells me to get my daughter for the Summer and move on from there-


Her dad and his live in GF of bout 4 yrs now -come to find out they knew each other growing up in Ark...He has let her take the reigns in all this

control on their moves and even coordinate on the phone what we do w our daughter and I have been nice about it -well now I have had enough-

I feel like they are walking all over me


They had convinced me to move down there in June-and some more red flags came up

My lil girl is down there her school gets out in May-

They put her on speaker phone all the time when I call she can't say anything to me-

just last week my daughter 11 yrs old told me they are going to Honduras for a trip with the church! Noboby even tolod me and I'm her mother!


This is the last straw for me being tooooo nice-women if u have daughters-

My daughter started her menses about 2 weeks ago-I was never told!!

instead I called his mom and she told me ALOT-well when I called yesterday

her dad lied to me-not knowing I knew about my daughter-he said her stomach hurts her a little but she's fine-I asked why he said I HAVE NO IDEA-

He's the one that told his mother that i called...OMG-

Then he handed the phone to his GF and let her deal with it!!

I AM LIVID-needless to say I do not think I shud move down there-

I might be walking into a hell....

I am almost finished w my school-in the medical field and I am very capable of supporting my dauhgter on my own...I am also retired military and get a pension...so that's no prob


My soon to be ex husband and I have no legal papers on our daughter

he wanted to work together and keep the courts out of this

I was all for it until NOW-enough is enough

they talk to me like they are smarter and better than i am...

Also his mother my ex mother in law told me his GF said she cudn't find any shoes to fit my dauhgter she's already a size 8 and she comments

on her at times that are negative-just because she his GF is small


HERE'S THE KILLER-My MIL told me on phone that my daughter sneaks the

peanut butter jar and hides it in her room cause she's hungry-

That B$#@h has her on such a strict diet my daughter is doing that now

i know this is true cause this is the 2nd time i've heard it

also fm my daughter-

They also claimed my daughter for last yrs taxes and didn't tell me even tho she was with me for 6 months

he commeneted he did it cause he needed the money

AGAIN-I am in the dark

So I'm wondering what else goes on!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think If I move down there I will end up in prison...


Need serious advise on this please....


I'm going to seek legal advise tomorrow

got a whole list written down


WHAT WUD U DO???????


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Why would moving closer to your daughter gaining the ability to talk to her without the fliter of your Mother-in-law or ex or his girlfriend be a bad thing?


It sounds like one of the main problems you are having is about communication and you feeling out of the loop. Being closer where you daughter could spend a week with you and then a week with them would keep you much more in the loop then six months on and six months off.


It sounds like your ex and his girlfriend want you to move because they want you to be more a part of your daughters life. That if you guys lived nearer to each other she could have both her dad and his family and her mom in her life at the same time.


It sounds annoying and at times scary not knowing what is going on with your daughter but moving sounds like it may *help* not hurt.

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Thank you. I already had plans set up to move in June. If I stay here I'm afraid

I will be effecting her future more negatively than positive..besides that-she really did not like it here at all. I am going down there in June. And looking forward to it-

nr.1 she needs me and nr 2 I need her close to me. And u r right-doing the move

wud be better on her cause both of us are near her.

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But then again-don't mean to sound schizo but a few days go by and I think to myself-

am I making the right decision??

Then again if I DO move down there I might be walking into trouble because of my marriages past-I seriously doing some soul searching here...


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