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So confused, what does she want? Help!

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Really could do with peoples advice on this one please!!

Started seeing this girl about 3 months ago now, things were going great then she ended it really abruptley, she said it was because she wasn't ready for a serious relationship, because of her past relationship. Any way since we broke up we've texted now and again, then the other day after about 10days no contact she texts me, just chatting about normal stuff eg "how are you" " wot have I been up too" etc then all of a sudden she starts asking me questions like "did I want to have sex with her when we were together" and lots of other random questions relating to sex and thinking about her! I asked her the same sort of questions out of curiosity and asked her if she had thought about us having sex since we broke up, she said "maybe".


I can't really work out what she was implying by sending these messages, during the messages before the ones about sex she asked if I would meet up with her in a few months to exercise (she's not well at the moment and off work)

I know during our short relationship she was ready for the physical side of things before I was, and just as I was she ended it. Making me feel aweful.

Do you think she is now implying she wants just a physical friendship, or am I just being teased?? I asked her if she would come round to mine at the weekend, she said she was "tempted" but because she is ill she can't. Really confused!


What do you think?? She's a really nice person, and we got on really well, so I don't see why she would tease me but can't explain it.

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