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First Post - Dinner with the Family?


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Okay so tomorrow is my Dad's birthday, and I think myself and the immediate family are going to go out to dinner tomorrow night.


I'll give some brief background information. To keep it short and to the point my girlfriend doesn't get along with my mom and sister. My brother will probably see her coming as intrusive, my Dad might care a little bit and see it as an annoyance because he wont be able to talk freely.


I have no idea what to tell my girlfriend. I know that she will pull the "If you care about me, and love me, you would make sure I'm next to you" but its just so awkward for me to go through an entire dinner with them and her at the same table.


Furthermore, its only my immediate family. If anyone else was being invited I wouldn't care, but I dont think anyone is.


For the record, I'm 23. What should I tell her? Or should I man up and tell my family that I want her to be there? For the record, I really dont want her there, but I dont think it means that I love her any less.


I'm in need of help!

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How long have you bee together?

Why doesn't she get along with your mother and sister?

Are your siblings bringing their partners?

Do you see a future with this person?


If you do plan on being with her, don't you think that maybe it's a nice way of involving her with the family and having them at least try to like each other?

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