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How do I go about ending a friendship

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This morning I got an email from a friend who for some reason is holding onto me and I want to know how I can end this on a good note if possible.


The two of us have been friends since High School (back in 1992) we are not the best of friends but we were always polite. She is the type of girl who is very introverted and I am not. So expressing feelings/sharing with me never happened in depth.


College and life made us go in different directions and about 5 years ago I moved back home to where she was currently living. During this time we did get closer but I noticed that her shyness/introverted ways had not gone away. We just so happened to be going through the same type of relationship issues with boyfriends and we our bonding was great as she opened up.


She is the type of person now who wants to know all the stuff going on in my life - so I tell her and then when I ask her about herself she just says - all is well. This has been happening way to much and I just want to shut the door with out leaving a bad taste... as we share a lot of friends in common.

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I don't see a reason to make this a big confrontation. It's not like you are trying to end a relationship. I would just start to taper things off. Don't call her as much, don't respond as much, don't tell her so much about your life. Decrease the amount of time you spend together. If she asks, just say you've been busier lately.


Unless she starts getting really pushy about things, I don't see why you couldn't maintain a small, amicable friendship with her.

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