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Looking for an internship in France/French-speaking Switzerland

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...and not having much luck at the moment.

My job with CERN has likely just fallen through as they need someone for after my cut-off point, so I can't rely on something coming up with them.


I've been searching around for internships, and not having a great deal of luck. Almost everywhere I send CVs off to just doesn't reply if I haven't got a placement, and lots of places reply with details different to those which were advertised.


Ideally, I'd like to do something that'll give me some worthwhile experience in HR or translation, and don't really want to get stuck making beds or being a waitress for 9 months as, to be honest, I've done it before, and I'd like some experience relevant to starting a proper career.


Has anybody else had an internship or is currently applying for one, and do you have any tips, or suggestions for places to look?

Any specific companies or connections?



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Do you have a university degree in languages, or a language? I ask this because you state that you want to gain experience in translation. Have you done a translator's degree? (for example University of Surrey). If you have you may be able to get a placement via the university itself. What career have you in mind?



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I'm in the middle of a French with Chinese degree with Southampton and this will be my placement year - but the university provides absolutely no assistance with finding something, so I'm finding it pretty difficult.


To be honest, at this point, I would be content with any office job...but I've been looking through a lot of game industries and entertainment companies who want translators for software or things like that - that's my ideal, really.

I've looked through a lot of major companies such as Sony and Ubisoft - and they have a few things available, but I'm not having a lot of luck so far and am getting somewhat desperate to find something.

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