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Problems keep haunting you.


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So about two months ago, I finally set foot into a different country. I left behind the life that I had. Half of the reason was to get away from the mundane life I had, and the other half was to pursue higher education. I was fully aware that whatever problem I had would continue to haunt me. And so here I am, just saying that it's true.


In a lot of ways, I think its worst. I still have to deal with a lot of people who are younger than myself, and I somehow end up becoming a mentor to them. It's not like it's a bad thing, but I always wished that I had one myself. No one teaches me anything about life, so I'm always the one who had to go through everything and learn by screwing things up. If only someone told me...


And then there is the persistent problem of not being able to make close relationships with people. I'm an open and friendly person but it's like I have to take all the initiative or else nobody will approach me. And even if I ask them to go hang out, it's like they don't want to. It just keeps scarring my social ability as well as any hopes for a romantic relationship.


I've become more aggressive in approaching people, and I no longer hesitate in doing so, which seemed like a good change but it seems that is not enough. There must be something else that's keeping from making things happen, I just don't get it...


I know its only been two months but man I can't catch a break and it's really beginning to disappoint me.

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Hello Kinetics:


We are fairly and squarely responsible for our own lives. And the saying is true: "Wherever you go, there you are."

And we all, all of us, have to learn by experience. People could tell you what such-and-such will be like until they are blue in the face, but only you can actually feel the experience.


Surely you can meet others of your own age group. Are you living in a very isolated area? Can you pursue your interests (other than the educational ones)?


Just try, if you can, not to be too intense about the socialising.

Why do YOU think people do not come up and talk to you?


All the best


Having said that do take advantage of what a different country has to offer. And it sounds good to me to be pursuing higher education.

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