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Ex is playing mind games, need help please!

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Hey guys and gals! I could really use some insight on my situation. As maybe some of you know that have read my posts, my ex and I went NC Monday evening, initiated by me because he told me that he was interested in a girl over the weekend and really liked her and wanted to see where it goes. I was beyond devastated because I was completely blindsided..we were in LC, he had been showing interest in me again, and calling quite frequently..then all of the sudden he meets a new girl and drops me like a ton of bricks, and was VERY mean about it too. I was clear to him on why I was going NC, it was for me to heal and that I would possibly talk to him when I am 100% completely over him and okay with him dating other people. So, he was upset about it and tried to bargain with me about calling him in a couple of weeks. He kept saying how he just couldn't stop talking to me since I was very important to him and one of his best friends.


Fast forward to yesterday evening. I noticed that the ex had blocked me off of portions of his Facebook. I was upset about it, but was planning on just letting it go and sticking to NC. Well then, he then called me and stupid me I answered mainly out of habit. I knew I shouldn't have done it as soon as I picked up the phone and heard his voice. He said that he thinks it's not going to work out between him and the new girl. Apparently they got on the conversation of exes or something and he explained to her what happened with us. He tends to yammer on about his exes, he did when we were on one of our first dates so it does not surprize me if the girl decided she wasn't interested.


So we had kind of a friendly, civil conversation and get off the phone. He said that he is going to unblock me on Facebook after I brought it up. Not more than maybe an hour later, I get this message on Facebook from him saying that he is deleting me because he feels like he can't talk to me anymore because he is mad about our past. (Well I'm mad about it too but you don't see me playing games!!!) He says that he literally wants to cut contact with me forever. I agreed to it because NC is what I wanted anyways if he is going to be dating other people.


My question is..how do you all think I should handle this? Should I just stick to strict NC and just plan on never talking to him again? Does it sound like he is playing mind games for attention? I think this might be some sort of control issue with him..like HE has to initiate the NC to feel like he is in control of the situation. Also I feel that maybe he is blaming me for the thing with the new girl not going well..maybe he thinks that by not talking to me its going to fix whatever went wrong with them. I'm really wondering if I am dealing with a person who is not all there because none of my exes behavior makes sense to me at all!


After all of this happened I felt like I was going to have a panic attack but then about 10 minutes later, I felt a sense of relief..like knowing that I will never have to deal with his bull**** again if I don't want to!


Unfortunately, I have a feeling he will pop back up again


(Sorry for the length)

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Go NC. It's over when it's over. I've been in the back and forth situation. It never ends well. Yes, I got back with my ex many times. But bottom line we weren't meant to be together so it always failed. Cut your losses and move on. Focus on you and don't worry about the games he's playing.

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Thanks everyone for your replies Yeah he's officially off of my Facebook now and I'm going to stick to NC. Although I was feeling better about it this morning, I laid down to take a nap and my phone rang and woke me up. I saw that it wasn't him and felt a bit of sadness. Oh how this NC is going to be a rollercoaster ride of emotions, I can already tell

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