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Well my ex gf is having her birthday next monday, and I'm wondering what to do.


We had a relation of 1 year and she broke up with me at the end of january. She had a new bf within a couple of days, introduced by her sister. By what i've heard the guy is cranky and I don't think they will stay together very long, however in the last contact with my ex she told me she is going on holidays in july with him, her sister and 3 other male friends. But my bet is that the guy she is seeing now is the rebound guy.


Anyways, the relation we had together in the past was excellent, in my eyes it was, never had any argue about anything. She splitted up with me cause I was too nice in her eyes.


My daughter had her birthday about a month ago, and my ex gf didn't send a birthday card or something, but came online on msn the day after and congratulated me with my daughters birthday. Most of the conversations we had on msn since our break up have been initiated by her.


So me and my ex have been on NC, LC and since she has told me that she is going on vacation with that guy I've been on NC with her (1,5 week ago). Perhaps NC is the best way to get her back


But since it's her birthday monday...

- I can send her a text message, perhaps she will phone me

- I can send her a short email wishing her a nice birthday, nothing else

- Or I don't send her anything and remain in NC


What would you suggest, what's the best thing to do if I want to have her back in the near future? (assuming she breaks up with that guy)


Ofcourse I'm not waiting for her, since she also has moved on.. but I'm having hope though.


full story 333228"]

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you know what? im in the same exact position as you, i haven't read you full story but i also went out with my ex for more than a year and broke up in janurary! i also know her new relationship is doomed to fail but i don't know if we could get back together in a future. its going to be her birthday and im already thinking about if i should do something about it! i guess its ok as long as you dont show to much emotions, you know kinda keep it casual like happy birthday, best wishes! have a good day and may your wishes come true!

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yesterday is my ex's birthday... I texted her happy birthday, i'm not expecting any reply but she replied that she thought that I already forgot her bday and tried to catch up with me but it's just a short casual convo, then it ends there...


on my part, theres no big deal if i'll wish her a happy birthday... it's fine if she wont reply, if she'll reply l(and it did happen), I just made it a casual conversation...

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i say write her a short email and attach a funny (but NOT ROMANTIC!) bday picture. I would use just 2 words "Happy Birthday ".. show her that you have no problem wishing her a happy bday, you got your * * * * together and moved on. That's the real message you want her to get

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NC is the most effective approach...


in her eyes...youre too nice.....so pretend that you dont care its her birthday and dont say anything...


itll make her wonder where you were and why you didnt care...


in my opionion, theres no need to show her respect if she left for someone else....dont go out of your way....give her the opposite of what she expected from you

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If you want to be true to your name, Manhood, then don't send her anything. She clearly doesn't care about you anymore, stop caring about her.


Yeah, dude. Stay with NC and move on. I see this stuff too often...the ex gf is going on some cruise with Rodrigo, the latin lover, but the guy still wants to play the role of Mr. Nice and send birthday wishes or Merry Christmas or Happy Columbus Day.


Don't do it, man.

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Interesting thread. Seen it before on many occasions.

But, I must ask you all.

What is the case of the approaching birthday of an ex's child...that the dumpee was very fond of.

Gift voucher via post? That is what I plan to do.


I should start a separate thread for myself soon.



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yeah I probally won't send anything, perhaps she then realizes that she has lost me as a good friend


Or she might think: good thing I broke up with him, he doesn't care about me.


About the NC, yesterday she visited my social network page and looked into my friend list. But since then I haven't seen her online anymore, and she is online every day.. I haven't seen her new lover online either though, so I guess they are having a fun day together today

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Its my ex birthday beggining of next month and i am currently 6 weeks and 1 day NC.


i have throught about contacting him on his birthday and what to do and after going over and over it in my head i have decided against it.


he will not be hearing from me, he chose to break up with me and he was mean doing it, he has chose to not contact me, despite me being in touch with his parents cho want me and my son in their lives. So i think sod him, let him have his birthday without hearing from me, coz if anything he will expect me to contact him on his birthday and if i dont it will be a big blow to his ego....and so well be it.....

let him wonder why and duffer like i have, he wont be hearing from me and i dont owe him that, i dont have to wish him happy birthday and so what if he thinks i dont care, isnt that the point.........


dont contact her, let her be like she wants she will realise when you are gone that she made a mistake and if she doesnt then she wasnt good enough anyways



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