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Possibly seeing ex next week


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Just a quick question for some insight.


Mutually broke up over a month ago, felt that we were 'growing apart', together under a year. Haven't seen each other since. Talked couple times just to exchange belongings.


Called her today because I was thinking about her. Small talk, said we should catch up sometime, suggested next week. She said yeah that would be good and sounded excited. I said let me know when you're free, she said, you know my schedule, text me when you want to catch up.


I think I sounded a little anxious though. I kind of regret it now and think it may be a little too early, although I wouldn't mind catching up.


Would like to possibly reconcile and do it right, don't want to get stuck in another rut or seem desperate.


I've been pondering some options


1. Just leave it for a while, maybe two weeks, and then catch up.


2. See her next week as per our conversation and follow through on my words.


3. Leave it to her to initiate the next contact and see if she would actually want to see me by her own decision.


Big thanks in advance

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Is getting back together the right thing to do?

You said you felt you were growing apart, when you hadn't been together all that long anyway.


Sorry, I don't mean to upset you, but if you're going to run into the same problems again then is trying to reconcile really the best thing to do?

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Thanks for the reply.


We did spend a lot of time together and it felt rushed. After previous experiences I just felt we got far too comfortable too fast.


Maybe you're right, I might need more time to think, the no contact made me miss her.

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Ok so I texted her today, she called me back immediately.


Talked for a bit, small talk. She's sick but says this Friday is a possibility, and that she'll let me know.


She did ask in quite an inquisitive tone:


What do you want to meet up for?


I said just to catch up, my tone the whole time was happy, aloof and joking.


Well, I guess we'll see what happens eh. . .

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