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Venting the hate!


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OK. First of all thanks for your time in listening to me vent!


To keep a long story as short as possible......I met a guy on line about 8 months ago. I'm 28 he's 25.


It took a while for me to work up the courage to fly to his state and meet up, he asked me occassionally when I was going to fly to see him. He lives about an hour and a half flight away, so it wasn't much of a problem for me.


First date was great! We never slept together, just went out on the Saturday night had drinks, slept in the same bed and just hung out in bed the next day talking and laughing.


I then came home and we continued to chat online every day, then organised myself to go down there within the next couple of weeks, this time for 3 days.


The Friday night was great, went to a football game, had a few drinks went back to where I was staying and slept together. I started to feel fluey the next day, so while he went out with his mates in the evenings I stayed in bed. He would still come back to where I was staying when he was finished hanging out with his mates.


Things were fine! UNTIL - He done a complete 180. At the beginning he was all for a relationship, though about 1 week after that last weekend he started acting strange.


I couldn't bare the head games so I deleted him off my facebook after I got the "I like you heaps, I want to hang out with you when we both can, but because of the distance I don't see why we should rush a serious relationship. I do want a long term partner, but I don't see the point in rushing things" speech.


He has now deactivated his facebook, reactivates it daily, for whatever reason I don't know.........WEIRDO!


I guess I am just venting here because I want to pick up the phone and have a normal conversation with him.....get it back to what it was, but I am so not strong enough for rejection at the moment.


How do men do this, how do they carry on with life and ignore us as if nothing ever happened. How can you go from so hot to stone cold? Arggghhhhhh.


It does my head in.


I just want to smash him over the head with a shovel!

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Went through the same thing over the past 2weeks.

I feel for you. So sorry it happened to you.

I wish I knew what I did wrong or what went wrong.


I wish I could get angry, but I keep missing him.

All I can say is keep moving forward.

There's someone who's a lot better than him out there somewhere.

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Did you guys ever talk about your relationship together when you were flying to visit him? He seems young with his maturity level and seems like he just wants a "weekend bed partner." Kind of a girl who he can act like a girlfriend around friends if need be, someone he can spend his time with and get a little action later on and basically that's all.

Get out of that relationship as soon as possible all you are doing is wasting your time, and your money. I wouldn't recommend or advise that you talk to him anymore, but if you do that is up to you of course. I know how it feels liking someone, it's hard to find someone else when you are really into someone. It's quite a bummer, I've liked someone before who was actually just using me for sex had it not been for another coworker I would have never found that out. I was really into him, but I was just a piece of meat for him.

It was hard but I moved on and got over it, I couldn't change his mind, and I didn't want to since he didn't actually care about me.


Good luck!

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Yikes, you were feeling sick and he still went out? In the beginning of dating, when people are at the best and most attentive? I think he's immature and definitely not ready for a relationship. When my bf and I first started getting to know each other, I was feeling sick and he actually came over and took care of me! If you think that this early in getting to know each other that he isn't giving his all, then you should drop him and find someone who does!

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