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New new relationship, now he is leaving for 3 weeks. Will it work?


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I have been dating someone for a couple months. Light. No commitment but leading to it. We aren't dating others. Really really like the guy! And I believe he feels similarly for me. But, he just informed me that for this weekend coming up he will be with friends and his kids all weekend, and will be leaving on vacation after that for another two weeks.


Doesn't that spell END for a new new relationship?

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I agree with the others, I don't see it is a huge issue. My sister and her current boyfriend got together in the November, and she was away Dec-Jan travelling. It didn't affect their relationship, they still chatted periodically on the phone while she was away, and when she got back, they resumed where they had left off... They're still going strong nearly 18 months on!

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I've been seeing someone since January and we just made it official as of this past weekend, so our relationship is "new". I am also planning to help my friend move accross the country in April, which will include a road trip and some time spent in the new location. I don't anticipate this causing any problems in my new relationship. We've both got cell phones, so we'll stay in touch.


It's when you give up your life for the sake of a relationship that a relationship falters and then more than likely dies. Being able to stay true to yourself and the things you want to do/enjoy doing while still maintaining a relationship is what makes a relationship flourish!


I don't see a problem with being apart for that long this early in a relationship... especially if there's no official commitment.

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This is not disastrous at all! One of my exes and I shared our first kiss right before I moved 1000 miles away, but we ended up dating for 2 years.


Do you think you'll stay in touch during those three weeks via phone/texts/e-mail? However, be careful not to take it overboard and contact him too frequently -- that might scare him away rather than make him miss you more

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Thanks guys!


I guess the underlying issue is that I feel like he didn't make me a factor BEFORE the vacay is to start. I haven't seen him since last week and won't now for almost 3 weeks. So, that plays a part in it. He has.....this/that.....softball/bowling/his kids *I'm not complianing about them/......this/that. And as much as I believe that I shouldn't get wrapped up in a relationship and that we need to keep our interests strong for it to work, I also feel like ---

knowing he was leaving ---

he didn't make a point to save a day to see me.


And that makes me really sad.

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Conversations have started to wane. Even my best material (joking around) is not working on him anymore!!! Something is Up!!! He does not like me as much as he did. He does not stay on the phone like he used to. He does not act like he used to. Something..........is different. And I feel like if this is whats happening before a 2 to 3 week hiatus, then, c'mon............


this isn't going to work.


I need to focus on DIFFERENT THINGS.


And maybe different guys.


(NO, we are not exclusive.)

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