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Feel like I lost my only chance at happiness


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The following is most definitly a sob story.


My girlfriend recently broke up with me, and it is the worst feeling I've ever had. I'm 25, I've never had a serious relationship up until now, and I define serious in terms that we were romantic and very comfortable around eachother. We met at work, she worked nights casue she a chiropractor, I graduated about a year ago from college and couldn't find a job, dam economy!, so we were both working at the same retail store. Well after a couple of months of me trying to flirt, she gives me her number. I call and we hit it off.

Now I've never been very social, in fact I haven't had a "good" friend since I was in grade school, only causal friendships. I spent six years focusing very heavily on college, and the last year just working. In that entire time I had one girlfriend whom I dated for two weeks, then broke it off.

Anyways our first date was new years eve. Since I've spent just about every night alone for the past four years I was very cautious. Well she used to be married, she told me on the first night out that she cheated on her husband with four different guys, one of them being his best friend the night before the wedding. That was a major red flag, but I've never been one to judge, people can and do change. By the third week she told me she loved me, no one has ever told me that before, I was 24. Shes also the first girl I've had sex with. I didn't tell it back to her cause well it had only been three weeks. Well after two months she tells me she has to move back home accross the country cause shes losing money living out here (she came out here for her husband originally). That really hurt, she even cried as she asked me if I wanted to break up. I said of course not. I really loved her but never said it casue she had stopped saying it to me. And now it seemed pointless to tell her, it would only make things worse for her leaving. Well all was fine up until about a week ago when I finally change my facebook status. The night before she seemed really distant, so the next day I take her out to lunch, she even invites me out drinking with her friend that night. Over lunch she seems mad that I changed my status, I tell her that shes my girlfriend and I want to show it. She then breaks up with me. That day I was in shock. The next day I nearly broke down at work and texted for like crazy that night. Her responses seemed cold. I texted her again two days later and we got together to talk. I told her how I felt about her and she seemed very caring and said she still wanted to be friends. Two days later I ask if she wants to just watch a movie together, as friends. She says no kinda cold. I ask about that and she said she's seeing someone else. Its some guy she met while we were spending st pattys night together. He was kinda drunk talking about how big his penis is and how he had forced this girl he was with to preform sexual acts she didn't want to. A real class act. Well I had to work early the next day so I left. And apparently after I left the bar they really hit it off.

I want her back so badly, even though I know it won't be the same. I just sit around all day waiting for her to come to her senses. And it hurts even worse that all "our" friends were more her friends, and she goes out all the time with them. Its like I never even existed, she knows I'm in pain, I really don't want to get over her cause I don't want to spend another nine years alone with no one. That was my only shot and I didn't even affect this person I love to care about me.

Anyways thanks for reading my life story. I really wish I'd get hit by a car or something. I've tried going to the bars alone, but I get sad. I seriously have no friends to call and the girl i love is with someone else. I wonder if I ever cross her mind.

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Settle down man, a few years from now this may be the turning point of your life.


It was hardly your ownly shot.


You have to learn from this. She was sending you red flags all along (cheating on her husband etc...)You have to read other people if you want relationships whether friend or female.


Detach alittle from your emotions. Go NC with her. Your life is about to begin anew...

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The overwhelming impression I get from your post is that you don't really have an emotional support system in your life. That's really tough because it makes the person you are dating the center of your world.


I'm sorry buddy. You need to realize that she's not the one for you. In fact, she's with someone else. The first step is to realize that she is not the only person you can connect with. You will hopefully have a long life and a lot of opportunities to connect with other women in the future. Best.

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She's not for you darling. No matter how you beg and or hurt, she's going to move on with her life. You're young, in 2 years you won't even remember her last name. Why don't you have any friends? You're done with college now. Get out & be more social. It's awkward initially but you'll meet people & this will be a thing of the past!

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