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Need advice, possible talking again with ex


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Hi guys,


So, long story short, my ex friended me on a chat program after about 4 months of NC and me breaking NC about 3 times with a 'hi, how are you doing' letter. We chatted about a week ago and then I let it rest for about ten days. I noticed that she wasn't coming on as much for the last 5 days. Yesterday I sent her a chat message that was something along the lines of I hope you are having a nice day. I could tell that she didn't get the message yet. I think it was because I fowled up the relationship pretty bad I decided to go ahead and email her telling her that I sent a chat message, but here it is. She replied today with a I haven't been on chat for a couple days, but, I hope that things are good for you.


So that's where it lies. I have been asking good friends what I should do and what I should say and when to reply.


I was was wondering what you thought. Also she is in a relationship (according to her status on FB that one of my good friends looked at, not me), but here she is emailing me. What should I do?


This is what one of my friends recommended:


"You should do nothing honey, let her reply to you you now, she will, don't get overly nervous with this because then you will make a mistake, just relax now and take it slow KJ, your putting to much thought into it, you have to relax my friend just take it as it comes, let her make the move next, she will"

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Just an update and wanted to see what you guys think is going to happen or just generally:


I sent her a reply email this morning, which was about 2 days later.


I said essentially thank you, I hope so too (about my exams). [Chat] is one of those amazing programs that still somehow makes me go crazy (I said in a light hearted funny way. Nothing over the top at all). and I signed off 'respectfully, KJ' at the end.


What I didn't ask was how she was doing, or something similar. I know I am over analyzing things, but I would love to hear other people's ideas on my actions and perhaps how to proceed and your theory on what is going to happen.


What I think really is that is that this whole reaching out was a whim probably b/c she missed me, but that doesn't mean that she wants to get back together or anything of the sort. I don't think this is going to go anywhere, which is why I gave a similar superficial reply email. But perhaps I didn't write the right things? I also think that if she really wanted to talk or be friends or whatever, she would make it a little clearer.


Please understand I don't have my hopes up, I am not waiting for her. I am just curious.


Thanks again.

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