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I have been stressing big time over this lately. Recently, my girlfriend who I have been seeing for about a year now, was over at my place. Usually, we would be very affectionate towards each other, holding hands, kissing, cuddling etc. But, for some reason, I didnt want to hold hands with her, didnt want to kiss her and kind of felt nothing. Now we have never had any problems in our relationship and I love her very much, well I think I do anyway. Im so confused about the recent feelings of not wanting any affection. I have been a little stressed lately could this be the cause of it?

I hope I am not falling out of love with her? I dont see why I would though, as I said we havnt had problems and I love spending time with her...

I am seriously stressing about all this at the moment, my stomach is in knots, its the only thing on my mind and the more I think about it, the more confused I get. I cant figure out my true feelings.


Any help greatly appreciated

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I think your stress earlier contributed to not feeling particularly affectionate that night, and because of that night, more stress got added and now you're getting second thoughts. Don't panic! Let your gf know you've been stressing over something and then do what you can to alleviate that initial stress. It's hard to be lovey dovey when something is bothering you, it's perfectly normal! Just clue your gf in and do your best in feeling better!

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Thanks for the reply.


The amount I am now stressing over not wanting affection is so much more than my initial stress! I wish I could just crack myself open and see whats inside, see what my real feelings are. I just cannot figure myself out at all.

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