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what should I do


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I once had a bf like that. At about the 3 month mark we had our first breakup after we had visited some childhood friends of his because he thought I wasn't his type becauseI didn't connect well with his or something of that nature. Well that was the first of many breakups over every and anything and me taking him back within days or so when he'd come crawling back. I think this went on for about a year or so before I finally just got sick of him. I think I just had gotten addicted to the drama. Well the time came when he broke up with me and when he tried to come back, I had moved on.


This is behavior I truly don't think would have ever changed, so I guess you either decide that's who he is and learn to live like that, or stop letting him come back.

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He's taking advantage of you. Nobody likes being picked up and dropped like a hot potato. Go find someone else who is mature enough to know how to deal with conflict. A real man doesnt run away just because you disagree. He has too much control over you. Next time he does it I would shock him and tell him "Sorry, I can't see/talk to you. Im busy". He keeps coming back because you let him and you make yourself available. Deny him and you'll see his act change.

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