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First job interview at 21.... YIKES!!

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Hey everyone. I just recently got my first car, and that means... I can get my first job! Woohoo, finally. So I have a question... how do you highlight your good traits to your interviewer when you have no prior work experience? I guess I am a little worried that she will look down on that fact, especially at 21...


The interview is tomorrow. I am now finishing my first year of pharmacy school and am applying to be an intern.




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My references have always been called.


My suggestion? Don't worry about being right, worry about being friendly and making the interviewer like you. Your abilities don't even have to match the job if you're likable enough and you show you can learn how to perform in the position.

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Umm... aren't you certain in this comment as well? And of course they can't check references for a FIRST job... as you don't have references... But if you lie, and put fake names down, why would the employer assume it's your first job?


Educational references are sometimes used for first jobs, if you went to college. A hard-working student is often a hard-working employee.

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JustMe, I like how you conveniently omitted the rest of that sentence..tantamount to agreement with my point in my book.


I went ahead and edited it. I didn't "conveniently" omit the rest. I only put that part because that was the part I was replying to. There, the rest is there. It doesn't change the post though.


I hope this doesn't turn ugly... I just simply made a comment that the person being honest doesn't constitute being "dumb".

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