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Do you think he likes me? Or not?


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i spent the past year abroad and met a guy who i liked for the whole time. could anyone help discern the signs whether or not he feels the same way?



- we went travelling just the two of us, he brought up the idea.

- the way he reacted one time to thinking i had a bf - you know those uncomfortable/awkward expressions people give and went quiet.

- paying for my meals sometimes.

- keeping in contact (but he does this with everyone), initiating msn conversations

- when i was drunk he looked after me most of the night, checking up on me, massaging my shoulders

- asking about childhood,family - asking if my dad would be strict about boys, telling me how many kids he'd like

- opening up about his worries

- rumours that we were together spread by some friends (not close ones though, the kind that liked to gossip) but we both denied it, laughed it off.



- overhearing him saying to our other roomate (yes we lived together for a semester) he doesnt like me in that way (during the whole rumours episode)

- calling me his little sister, introducing me as this to acquaintances

- feeling like he'd rather spend time with his male friends, e.g. when a big group of us ate together, he'd go off with his friends afterwards.

- getting together with a girl who had liked him from the beginning (but only lasted 2 weeks.)

- recently i invited him to come with me and another mutual friend on a city break for 2 days but he said it wasnt convenient so couldnt come.

- the fact he hasnt made a move


not necessarily pos/neg

- often mentioning in a jokey way how he'd like a gf/misses having one

- after his brief 'fling' with that girl kept making excuses for why he was with her, saying he didnt actually like her

- towards the end of the year abroad he spent more time with his guy friends, and when i jokingly asked him if he was spending time with a new gf, he reacted defensively, telling me to go ask his friends where he'd been if i didnt believe him.



sorry about the length, no other ways of really shortening it!

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Yes he likes you, may even think you're a cutie, but I'd say that's the extent of his feelings.


When a guy finds a girl he really likes, it's rare that he won't make a move. Especially one looking for a relationship like this guy.


Be grateful that you got a good friend through your travels, but keep looking for Mr. Right.

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