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He wants to be friends


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Me and My boyfriend split a week ago, and now he wants to be friends with me. And today he was staring at me alot as i wasnt talking to him, we were in the same place as we have mutural friends, he kept on looking at me all the time and then finally we started talking to each other again and sorted out what the other one thought had happened as we had been told different things from ppl. And he then sat next to me and started touching my thigh and stroking it, and also rested his arm over my leg to reach for something on the table, i am so confused right now, i still love him alot and i do not know if friends is the right thing, and i do not know why he is touching me and staring all the time.


He wants to be friends but i am in love with him still and i do not know what to do, if i shud cut all contact from him. What do i do, i dont know what i shud do right now ?

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agreed, you have to let your heart time to heal.

if you agree to be friends in the back of your mind you will assume and or hope that you will get back together, when in fact this could not be the case.


There is a saying.


an ex saying they still want to be friends is like someone asking if you want to keep your dog after its been run over.


something like that.

I will have to look it up.

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Be on guard for the fact that he wants to be friends, but still have sex... in other words, he wants his freedom to date anyone he pleases, but still have you acting like his girlfriend, while he has no responsbility to you at all.


I would just tell him that you have no intention of sleeping with him if he is just a friend, and that you don't want to see him or talk to him unless he changes his mind and wants to date you again.


Otherwise you're going to be hoping for more, while he's out dating other girls while you sit crying at home.

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