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Stay in questionable neighborhood or move to luxury apartment?


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Has anyone ever lived in a house or apartment for awhile and maybe after a couple years get that itch to move again? It seems for me I wanna move after about 3 years into something else.


Maybe it's because I need a fresh start in a new place?


My situation is I rent a house from one of my co-workers at an extremely cheap rate. He said I could rent it from him until he was finally ready to sell the house. Well he definitely hasn't been in a rush because I've been here for 3 years and could probably stay quite longer. He is easy going like that. The thing about this house is it's old, kinda leaky basement, house leaks heat a bit and there is sometimes a mouse problem. That's why my rent is so cheap, plus my co-worker wanting to help me save money. The neighborhood is livable but not very good, some of the neighbors are kinda trashy. Basically I live here to save money for a nice house or nice car and I've saved quite a bit but I'm getting that itch to move again. I have a good job and all but I feel like I deserve better for myself. I would like to move into a really nice apartment. There is something about apartments that I like, they're cozy, the community, swimming pool, walking paths, clean and mostly mouse free. Much later on I wanna finally buy a house.


It's like I need a change and a new start (maybe from bad times with the ex here) I can still save if I move but not as much. Another problem is I have a dog and I don't think I could take him to an apartment, he's too big so I'd have to find a trustworthy person to give him too maybe a friend.


So am I crazy to want to move to a luxury apartment and pay much more rent or should I stick it out here at the mouse house?

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The apartment might help you feel better short term but being able to move into your own house sooner might help you feel better long term (but on a more short term schedule).


It's a tough decision. Me, I'd stick it out in the "mouse house" and lay out some traps. Maybe I'd splurge a tiny bit and buy something that would make me happy so I didn't have to think about where I continued to live so much. The long term benefit would be worth it to me, personally, but it might not be to you.


Nice apartments are good for quality of life, and a lot is taken care of for you. Best of luck with your decision.

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